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S Tronic and Multitronic gearboxes

Audi S Tronic gearbox

The Audi S Tronic gearbox is one of the best performing gear changing mechanisms available today. It combines the sporty feeling and characteristics of the manual gearbox with ease of use of the automatic. We’re amongst the few that offer repair services for this high-end gearbox!

Fast check before you buy an S Tronic car

There are few quick steps you can follow to check if a car with S Tronic gearbox is operating correctly. First, make sure that the gearbox oil is over 80 C. Start the engine and start driving slightly pressing the accelerator pedal.

Drive 140 meters and stop gently. If everything is working smoothly with no hard shifting and jolting the gearbox should be OK.

Always check how the vehicle is moving in reverse gear with the oil temperature of the box above 80 C. There must be no jolt, hard shifting or loss of torque. It is convenient to make those tests on a slope with hot gearbox.

Filters and Oil Change

The S Tronic gearbox has two different filters – exchangeable paper filter and an in-line oil filter (in steel box). The in-line filter must be removed when the ATF is very dirty or the gearbox is being renewed. The changeable filter must be replaced each time the ATF is changed or the gearbox is repaired. The oil in the hydraulic part of the gearbox should be changed on every 60 000km.

S Tronic Oil Change

The S Tronic gearbox utilises two different kinds of oil:

  • For the hydraulic body and the dual cluthch the oil part number is: G 052 529 A2. You need 7 litres to change the oil in the gearbox.
  • For the mechanic part of the transmission, the oil has part number: G 052 513 A2. You need 5 litres to change this gearbox oil.

S Tronic codes that need an update

Several gearbox models need software update. The quattro gearboxes are LHKLJDHNENVZ and more.


Old Controller Name


New Controller Name

8K0 927 156 B 8K1 927 156 AB
8K0 927 156 A 8K0 927 156 AA
8K0 927 156 F 8K1 927 156 AA
8K0 927 156 J 8K1 927 156 AF
 8K0 927 156 H 8K1 927 156 AC

S Tronic Clutch Problems

Most of the problems with the S Tronic gearbox come from the clutch. When there is a clutch damage, the vehicle moves with jolting, loses power and sometimes loses torque in reverse gear.

6-Speed DSG Gearbox

The DSG 6-speed gearbox is installed in Audi A3, WV, Seat and Skoda automobiles

Most common problems with DSG 6 Speed gearbox

n7Most of the problems with the 6-speed DSG transmission are associated with the valve body – mechatronic. These problems are jolt when starting from stationary, pull while accelerating smoothly, hard gear shifting while accelerating or slowing down.

Metal Particles in the Gearbox

n8Most users forget to change the gearbox oil every 60,000km. This leads to contamination of the oil with very small metal particles.

Update and Repair of the DSG ECU

Although rare, the 6-speed DSG gearbox has ECU problems. If in diagnostic mode it shows sporadic error or intermittent valve almost certainly there is a problem with the DSG ECU.

Multitronic Gearbox

We offer a wide range of services with some of the following:

  • Repair Gearbox
  • Filter Change
  • Oil Change
  • Multitronic to manual gearbox conversion

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