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1. Why in automatic mode some Multitronic boxes have 6 speed, while other 7?

Those speeds are “memorized” by the computer positions of the disks for defined speed. After 2004 Audi is selling 7 speed Multitronic, but this is more like an advertisement. The cones are positioned and moved absolutely the same way.

2. Why some cars have position “S”?

Those are Audi cars, build after 2004. In this case the gearbox is trying to use the “memorized” data to improve the performance.

3. Is it suitable to use chip tuning with a Multitronic, as the gearbox that is designed for maximum of 400 Nm?

Those are Audi cars, build after 2004. In this case the gearbox is trying to use the “memorized” data to improve the performance.

4. Is it possible to tow a multitronic driven car?

The official position of Audi is that it is possible for 50 kilometers, with a speed no bigger than 50 km/h. This is caused by the fact, that one of the shafts is not getting lubricated with oil, while the box is not working.

5. How often do you need to change the oil and the external filter?

The oil must be changed every 60000 km., together with the external filter. When changing the oil use only Audi one – the original ones are G052 180 А2, G052 180А6, G052 180 А9, depending on the type of the gearbox.

6. When should I change the internal filter?

Usually after 180000-200000km, concerning that the chain has about 3600 hours or 300000km life (LUK information) – normal driving (no sudden speeding from start).

7. What breaks most often in the multitronic?

Generally everything! The chain, the command block, the bearings, the cones of the chain, the primary shaft.

8. Does an irregularly working ABS/ESP influence the gearbox?

Yes, because the computer of the gearbox provides constant communication with the ABS controller. Thus, the control of the cones and the primary shaft is disturbed.

9. Is there a better acceleration (performance) using the gearboxes build after 2004?

YES, this is achieved with optimized parameters of the variation unit, oil power unit and the gearbox ECU

10. Is it necessary to make a full inspection, when there is an external damage to the gearbox body?

YES, if there are hidden leaks, caused by the external damage it is possible that the oil level inside the box is going down. That causes damage to the cones and the gearbox can not be repaired – it has to be replaced with a new one.

11. Can it be determined what the condition of the cones is without opening the gearbox for a full inspection?

NO, we can get only general feeling on the cones condition by carefully examining the gearbox behaviour.

12. Is it possible to repair the differential of the gearbox, when there is visible damage on it?

NO, it is not possible to repair the differential due to the fact that the two movement mechanisms are produced together and they represent a unique couple. To avoid problems with the differential it is necessary to change the oil inside (G 052 190 A2 – two litres) every 80 000 kilometres.

13. What is the theoretical maximum life time of a gearbox, without big repairs?

Audi is requiring change of the oil pump at 300 000 km. The oil pump is not offered as separate spare part, it is soled together with the valve body – an expensive part of the Multitronic.

14. Why the Multitronic is reacting slower at lower temperatures, especially at ignition?

The Multitronic computer is measuring 2 major parameters, while it is working: oil pressure and torque. As the oil is thicker due to the lower temperatures, there is less pressure inside the gearbox. The computer is trying to prevent damage on the gearbox by limiting the amount of torque pushed thru – it is a kind of defensive mechanism. When the oil temperature inside the gearbox reaches 40 C, that slow reaction effect must disappear.

15. Do you need to flush the gearbox before changing the oil?

Audi recommends flushing the box with the same oil, that is used for normal operations. After drowning the old oil, a 6-7 litres are fitted to the gearbox. Drive the car for 20-30 km. and repeat the operation – change the oil and the external filter. Flushing the gearbox with any other substance is forbidden and might cause damage to the Multitronic.

16. Is it possible to wash/clean the external filter and reuse it?

The external filter is a cylindrical body, containing valves for keeping the pressure inside the system. Due to its relevantly complex construction, the filter is not suitable for cleaning and reusing. If a damage on the valve is made during the cleaning, this could lead to loss of pressure inside the system and total destruction of the gearbox.