ECU Multitronic Repair

If your FIS display is blinking red along with the PRNDS you most likely need ECU multitronic repair. We offer advice, update, and reprogramming of used or new ECU upon request. We can reprogram and exchange any TDI model computer to OTTO and vice versa (See graph bellow). The possibilities for reusability, conversions, and exchanges are unlimited.

We offer different reprogramming options for ECU such as:

  • 1.9 TDI and 2.5 TDI
  • 2.4 OTTO and 3.0 OTTO

Contact us for more details and note the VIN code of the vehicle, ECU software version, and ID of the hardware. We will provide you with reprogramming options that could SAVE YOU MONEY. That’s our speciality.

Our expertise and warranty on ECU repair has gained us great reputation and many satisfied customers.

View our Gallery with repairs and exchanges of various ECU controllers.