6-Speed DSG Gearbox Repair

The DSG 6-speed gearbox is installed in Audi A3, WV, Seat and Skoda automobiles

Most common problems with DSG 6 Speed gearbox

n7Most of the problems with the 6-speed DSG transmission are associated with the valve body – mechatronic. These problems are jolt when starting from stationary, pull while accelerating smoothly, hard gear shifting while accelerating or slowing down.

Metal Particles in the Gearbox

n8Most users forget to change the gearbox oil every 60,000km. This leads to contamination of the oil with very small metal particles.

Update and Repair of the DSG ECU

Although rare, the 6-speed DSG gearbox has ECU problems. If in diagnostic mode it shows sporadic error or intermittent valve almost certainly there is a problem with the DSG ECU.