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MULTITRONIC TEAM is a boutique auto-repair shop established over 16y ago in Sofia by Misho Kostov. We are and have been dealing primarily with Audi, VW, Skoda.

We’ve gained recognition in the industry and amongst the competition with continuous innovation and collaboration.

As dedicated professionals it is paramount for us to provide higher quality service with personalised touch. Keeping our business small enables us to give you all the attention you need and keep our prices small too.

General Information

This is a shiftless automatic gearbox. It is installed on engines 2.0 to 3.2 – front wheel drive. The advantages are widely known – smooth acceleration, fuel economy, very good dynamics. The disadvantages – expensive maintenance, sometimes impossible repair, expensive repair kits. From 2000 to now, Audi have produced over 200 different types of multitronic gearboxes, which proofs that the gearbox is constantly modified. However, the base is with the same aggregate.

The chronology is: The first gearboxes are installed on A6 2000-2001 but have many flaws – bad electronic blocks and oil pumps, 6 ratios. Improvement follows – A4, A6 from 2004 has manual selection of sport mode and the hydroblock is improved significantly. The gearbox of 3.2 is with different chain and cones, The newest is in Audi A5 with 0AW abbreviation.

The latest generation of Multitronic is installed in Audi A5 and has the 0AW prefix. It is using a new generation of oil, that is completely different compared to the previous versions. It takes 7 litres of the new oil (G 052 516 A2), when you are changing it inside the 0AW gear box.